is iron foundry expensive

Iron is the fourth most abundant element on earth. It makes up more than about five percent of the earth’s crust. Thanks to all of the discoveries that have been made into mass producing cheap steel, working with iron in its abundance has become even more controlled and researched, allowing for lower losses both economically and environmentally, revolutionizing our modern world. Still, even after all the discoveries and advancements made within the metallurgy industry, an Iron Foundry’s expenses are sky-high.

Iron Foundries spend an incredible amount of energy in order to melt vast quantities of iron into molten form. A lot of foundries are also quite labor-reliant, something that is really viciously avoided among today’s computer-driven society. Foundries also rely on the iron salvaging business in order to stock up on cheap material, and since iron is a very reusable material it can become quite profitable at times. Still, iron foundry is more of a necessity which is why its made with metal castings, meaning that more often than naught profits are slow and streamlined, rather than quick and risky. Another thing to consider is the fact that the price of iron is very unstable, which can shift the delicate balance between profit and loss when all the other expenses are thrown into the game as well such as shell moulding.

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